Kitty Kat Finnegan




" His sideline is to lay pipes... whatever THAT means..." (Hein)


" Even if he ever passes away, I'm damn certain he will still freshly rosin his bow to make sure we will hear him playing the theme melody from Hitchcock's Psycho so loud that we all shout at him to stop immediately. " (Barney)


"" Competing with Hein in our instrumentals, nevertheless in the same rhythm; his ad-lib performance is more than extraordinary and never the same! " (Molly)


" <<"Cool Cat lookin' for a kitty, gonna look in every corner of the city.>> These verse The Lovin' Spoonfull sang in their hit <<Summer in the City>>. And they are damn right! " (Duck Dunn)

Next Tour Dates

18.11.2017 Mülheim/Ruhr

17.12.2017 Voerde

23.12.2017 Oberhausen