Jimi Finnegan


12-string & 6-string guitar, mandolin


" She's always so inconspicuous; but she's the mother of our rhythm! " (Hein)


" My muse, without her our concerts get so boring - I always miss the clapping and laughing seal when she's not with us ". (Barney)


" "Even though I know that ballads are not hers, I love to see her picking the first parts which are then melting together with my voice. " (Molly)


" "Sister Rhythm is the backbone of Finnegans Five! She's the essential part of us. A rehearsal without Jimi is no rehearsal. A Gig without Jimi is unthinkable. We hope she didn't burn her guitars like the other Jimi... " (Duck Dunn)

Next Tour Dates

06.08.2022 Irish Folk Concert

xx.xx.2022 Irish Folk Concert