Duck Dunn Finnegan


bass and guitars



" To me he's a bit like the father we never had, he's the one who stays calm when troubles come up. Damn that we always have to obey what he says 'cause he's the one who pays for the pints and whiskey when we're on tour... " (Barney)


" Although being from Wals - Umm, he always tells us how nice it was when NY was Irish in the summer of '69. " (Hein)


" "The basis of our rhythm and probably a kind of father who cares for us and leads us into the right direction. " (Molly) 


"" Oh! I thought the  drinks for the band were for free! " (Duck Dunn)

Next Tour Dates

06.08.2022 Irish Folk Concert

xx.xx.2022 Irish Folk Concert